Tidy ordered

The top professional in every field keep a tidy and highly ordered workspace at all time.

At Lisa & Team we are passionate about providing your office facility with consistently spotless cleaning services which enhance a pleasant office atmosphere.

A properly cleaned and disinfected business environment helps reduce the spread of germs and virus in the office ensuring your staff remain healthy.

We custom tailor each of our cleaning services to meet your needs.

Our basic office
cleaning services

What we do

custom tailored office cleaning services to meet your needs.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all working areas
  • Dusting all furniture, desktops and wall-hangings
  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors
  • Removal of trash and relining trash cans
  • Sanitizing all doors handles


Hygienic and healthy working space for your team and collaborators

  • Improved overall company productivity and profits. Maintaining a clean hygienic office space decreases the chances of spreading sickness among your employees.
  • Maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule will improve your office ́s overall air quality.
  • A clean business environment shows that you value your employee’s health and value your customers and visitors experience.

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