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How to Clean Your TV Screen

How to clean your TV screen

To get the best (and safest) clean possible, you’ll need to rely on certain tools when it comes to cleaning your television.Those tools are microfiber cloths we recommend having three on hand at all times—as well as a non-toxic cleaner and a step stool or ladder, if necessary. “Start with unplugging your TV.Then grab a clean microfiber cloth […]

Cleaning Tips on how to prevent Ants in Your Home

Warmer weather often signals the arrival of some unwanted houseguests: ants. These pests are commonly seen marching along on window sills and walls when outside temperatures start to rise, leading many to believe ants seek out the cooler air inside homes. This is true to an extent; ants are cold-blooded and prefer comfortable temps to […]

Top Tips on How to Clean Windows and Mirrors


1.Pick a cloudy day-Contrary to common belief, a cloudy day is the best day to clean windows. While sunny days help you glaringly see the state your windows are in ,to actually clean windows a dry cloudy day is best . This is because the blazing sun will dry any cleaner you use once sprayed […]


Keeping sheets fresh is no easy feat. No matter how frequent or lets be honest -infrequently you wash them , that fresh-cut-of the-dryer feeling tends to fade after the first few sleeps in- between the sheets. General laundry rules exits for just about every other every other piece of fabric in your home. But there […]

New Blog

Exciting news, everyone! We are currently expanding our homepage, which now features our brand new blog, in which we will keep you up to date with what’s currently happening at Lisa&Team and also share our experience and pro cleaning tips with you. We hope you’re as excited as we are…