Keeping sheets fresh is no easy feat. No matter how frequent or lets be honest -infrequently you wash them , that fresh-cut-of the-dryer feeling tends to fade after the first few sleeps in- between the sheets. General laundry rules exits for just about every other every other piece of fabric in your home. But there seems to be a common thread of confusion when it comes to washing sheets .Just how often should they really be cleaned . We looked to Tricia Rose , founder of textile company Rough Linen, for answers .

According to Rose , the frequency at which you wash your sheets boils down to the season and your nightly habits .”your sweat level , what you wear to bed ,and whether or not you snack in bed all affect how quickly your bedding get sullied” Rose says. ” Another factor to consider: how many people are sleeping in said bed every night? If you share the bed , it gets twice the wear”

As a general rule of thumb , Rose advises weekly washings in order to keep your sheets looking and smelling as fresh as possible. ” Once a week is standard” she says . “A lot of it is left to personal preference , but as soon as your sheets stop feeling fresh is the best time for you to was them .”

It´s crucial to consider the fabric you´re sleeping on too , since cotton sheets vary in care compared to those made from linen. Linen requires less frequent washing than cotton does because the durable fabric repels dirt and can be cleaned easily with a shake out or a simple brush of the material with your hand .

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